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Kurt Donald Cobain was born on the 20th of February, 1967 in Hoquaim, a small town 140 km from Seatlle. Soon, his father Donald and his mother Wendy moved with hin to Aberdeen. His father worked at the local lumber mill while his mother stayed at home to look after the children.
When Kurt was 2 years old, he was first interested in music. He couldn´t attend the guitar lessons because he couldn´t stay still for a while. [He was given a drug called Ritalin which sometimes kept him awake till 4 am]. So Kurt´s parents bought him a drumset. Every day he played it after school till one day it broke.
Kurt´s mum always looked after him and his sister Kim. Cobains’s home was in the slums, but it was the nicest house of all. At the age of 7 he wanted to be a stuntman like Evel Knievel. He often jumped out of the window into a pile of pillows and blankets [Once he hurt himself with firecrackers. From that time he didn´t want to be a stuntman anymore]. When Kurt was 8, his parents got devorced, it touched him so hard that he hated his parents afterwards.
"I tried hard to have a father, but instead I had a dad."
He bacame a shy and depressive guy. Both of his parents got married again. During his youth he always had to move from one relative´s house to another. He got into a lot of trouble at that time [vandalism, spray-painting "God is gay" at the side of a truck]. During his high-school career he bacame a stoner. Two weeks before the final exam he dropped out of school, bacause he missed too many lessons. Because he didn´t get a job he had to leave. He sometimes stayed over an unoccupied apartment over Krist Novoselic´s mum´s hair studio [but he also had to stay under a bridge that looked over the Wishkah].
In 1983, he worked briefly as a lifeguard at the local YMCA. That year, Kurt met the 18-year old Krist Novoselic born in Compton, CAL, on the 16th of May. His parents, Krist and Maria, moved from Croatia to California in 1963. He and his little brother Ro...

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