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Marilyn Monroe (Englisch und Deutsch)

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe was born as Norma Jeane Mortenson, daughter of Gladys Baker, on 1st June of 1926 in Los Angeles, California.
Until 1937 spent Norma Jeane the largest part of their childhood in care families and orphanages (Waisenhäusern), later she moved to friends of their family.
But then the family had to go away and Norma hat to choose between the orphanages or a marriage.
On 19 June 1942 she married the 21-jaehrigen neighbour, Jimmy Dougherty, with which she was at this time six months together.
1944 he was sent to the south Pacific. Norma Jeane worked on the assembly-line in California now. Some months later a photographer David Conover discovered Norma.
He could not believe his eyes. She was the dream of every photographer.
Conover took fotos of Norma and later she get Model jobs. Norma Jeane loved the camera and within two years later she was a renowned Model, which was to be seen on the title pages of many well-known magazines. 1946 returned Jimmy. Norma Jeane had to decide again, this time between marriage or career. On June 1946 Norma divorced from Jimmy and undersigned her first Studiovertrag.
Soon Norma Jeane colored her hair blond and changed their name in Marilyn Monroe. Marilyns first filmrole was a small part in “The Shocking Miss Pilgrim“in 1947.
On 14 January in 1954 Marilyn married the baseball superstar Joe DiMaggio.
Unfortunately Marilyns reputation and their sexual image became a topic, which pursued (verfolgen) her marriage. Nine months later, on 27 October in 1954, Marilyn divorced from Joe. At that Golden Globe Award in 1962 Marilyn was appointed to the female World film Favourite, which shows again her wide-spread Appeal.
Marilyn died at the age of 36 on 4th August in 1962 briefly before midnight in her house in Brentwood, California. The world was shocked. Marilyns lively spirit and their beauty, made impossibly to believe that she had died.

Marilyn Monroe
Sie wurde als Norma Jeane Mortenson, Tocht...

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