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Marilyn Manson(engl.)

Marilyn Manson

-civil name Brian Warner
-born 05.01.1969
-Canton, Ohio (USA)
-father is Catholic
-mother Catholic Episcopalian
-nondenominational Christian school
-"So at an early age, Christians already started to appear to me as people
who believed that their interpretation of God was the only one that was
-18 finished eduaction photojournalist
-1987 he, family move to South-Florida
-up to here read poems (wright himself) clubs
-people don’t like them
-but voice
-so 1988 thinks making band
-1989 found band old schoolfriends (named “Marilyn Manson and the
Spooky Kids”)
-19.07.1990 1. officiall entrance
-1990 “Marilyn Manson”
-1993 first contract
-07.08.1994 1.LP “A Portrait Of An American Family“ appear
-1995 1. chart success Single “Sweet Dreams” LP ”Smells Like Children” published
-8. October1996 successfull Lp“Antichrist Superstar”
-after 18 month world tour
-put rumour autobiographie “The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell”
-one most wanted
-after book develop like love world
-not only hate
-belongs hollywoodactor Rose McGowan
-15.9.1998 “Mechanical Animals”
-after 3 years separate girlfriend
-today model
-13.11.2000 LP “Holy Wood” published
-last LP “The Golden Age Of Grotesque”
-very successful
-Single “mOBSCENE” “This Is The New Shit”
-today world tour
-question who is he
-goth rocker
-manson sings:suicide, death, drug
-he shock government, church
-parent a. most wanted
-friends showbizz Eminem, Ozzy
-says about himself: 'I don't always have lipstick on, but I don't like reality - I'm a Peter Pan, I suppose'
-if the bad doesn`t exist he doesn`t exist
-product bad
-like him:-good lyrics
-good sound
-said he thinks,clever things
-not stupid


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