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USA and world war II

Sprecher 1
We want to tell you something about the USA and the second world war.
All began when Hitler bacame dictator and conquered Poland. Here you can see some of Hitler’s followers (left-right: Dr. Goebbels, Adolf Hitler, Prime Minister Goering, Heinrich Himmler (he was the worst, because he took cared of killing millions of jews)). But he didn’t only conquer the east, also he conquered the west here you can see dead German soldiers after Hitler had conquered France, north Africa and south-east Asia. But we only want to tell you something about the USA and World War II in France. Special Points will be Ivasion in Normandie, Ardennenoffensive, aerial warfare, and capitulate of Germany.

Sprecher 2
Hitler conquered France 1940. After the meeting in Theran of THE BIG THREE they decided to open a front in the west (France). But even 1944 it became reality. At the 5th of June three airborne divisions at 2 o’clock in the morning, (with 17000 soldiers) jumped off their planes at the coast of Normandie between Dünkirchen and Cherbourg to destroy or conquer important logistics places. At the same time the Allied forces troops came at the 6. June 1944 at 6.30 under general Eisenhower from south England with 4000 boats with soldiers, weapons and also there were 12,000 planes which bombed the coast fortifikations. The Germans tried in the night to record Allied forces squadrons with floodlights to open the fire on them.
In a short time the Allied conquered France back.
Millions of German soldiers were taken prisoniers. Here you can see them how they gave up their weapons. Here you can also see resigned faces of German officers.
81 days after landing in Normadie and after hard battles over Paris Allied forces troops moved there. Here you can see them walking down Champs Elysees.
Sprecher 1
The Ardennenoffensive was the last time Hitler took offensive against his animies. With this last offensive Hitler wanted to rais the morale of the German people and so...

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