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Australia as a former British colony

When 1770 the first European settler put his feet on Australian ground, the time of European colonialism had also been ring in in the fifth continent. In the next 150 years the native aboriginal culture of Down Under became victim of British oppression and the country economically dependent on the market of their colonisers. Traditional aboriginal culture was checked and mainly replaced by European ideas. The time before, during and after British colonial rule, as well as the Aboriginal culture today you can read about in this essay.

Aboriginal culture and the first European explorers

The native Australian Aborigines is one of the worlds longest surviving cultures. Some think ist origin goes back more than 150.000 years. Before European colonisation there were more than 500 different clans around the country, many with distinctive cultures and beliefs. There were also hundreds of different dialects. All of Australias Aborigines were semi-nomadic hunters and gatherers. The territory of one tribe was devided by boundaries such as rivers and lakes, but in their religion their is no possession of land, which in their belief belongs to nature itself. Aborigines are experts in adapting to the Australian environment. There were inland and coastal tribes, all with different skills and knowledge needed for their territory. Aboriginal social and religious life was very strict and had many rules as well as many spiritual ceremonies.
When in the beginning of the 17th century the first Dutch and Portuguese explorers discovered the continent of Australia (the most famous explorer was the Dutch Tasman in 1642) there were the first clashes between them and the Aborigines. But colonial rule just began in 1770 when Captain James Cook hoisted the British flag at Botany Bay.

British occupancy in Australia

After his arrival at Botany Bay Cook travelled along the east coast of Australia, where he found fertile land, and claimed all of eastern Australia for King George II...

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