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Arborigines - The native Australian


1. Description of the word “Aborigines”

2. History
Where did they live?
Works they did

3. Influences
Rights for Aborigines

4. The “dreamtime”

5. Traditional things of the Aborigines
storytelling, art and the Didgeridoo

6. Aborigines today

7. Declaration of independence

8. References

1. Description of the word Aborigines
Aborigines are Australians indigenous people. The name „aborigine“
( ab= from, origin = beginning) comes from the Latin, meaning „original inhabitants“, „the first“ or „earliest known“. The word was first used in Italy and Greece to describe people, natives or old inhabitants who lived there, not newcomers or invaders.

2. History
Australia’s prehistory goes back some 47.000 years when it is believed that the first people crossed the sea from South East Asia. They came with some kind of water craft and reached so the southern continent.
This sea voyage is the earliest evidence* of sea travel by prehistoric man.
After the moving across the sea stopped, the Aborigines based* a big culture

2.1 Where did they live?
The Aborigines usually lived in desert, inland areas, the coast and Tasmania.
The Aborigines who lived in the desert or inland ate insects, birds, reptiles and mammals*. They also ate lots of fruit. The Aborigines at the coast ate roots* fruits, small animals, reptiles, fish and shellfish.

2.2 Works they did
Aborigines lived in family groups and clans with about 50 members. Each clan had a place on their land where their spirits returned* when they died. They had to protect these places so they didn’t want to upset their ancestral* beings.
The men were custodians*, tool-makers and hunters. The women took care of the children and gathered* and fixed their food. The Aborigines used the land wisely* and knew when to harvest* the many plants they ate. Dingoes guarded* their homes and helped the men hunt. The Aborigines were also traders*....

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