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African Americans Today

Who is an African American?

An African American is a member of an ethnic group in the United States of America whose ancestors come from Africa. They are mostly black and they are also called Afro-American or Negro.

A bit History:

Black people in the USA descended from many African ethnic groups. They were kidnapped by the Europeans and sold as slaves to America. They had to work on different plantations. In the year 1860 3.5 million black people lived as slaves and 500,000 free black people lived in the south of America. In 1865 the United States freed all slaves. They were free but they haven’t the same rights like the white Americans. In the year 1954 the Supreme Court of the United States decides that the segregation is unconstitutionally.

Some data:

Allocation of the African Americans in the USA:
South States: 53.6%
Middle West: 18.8%
North East: 18%
West: 9.6%
The number of the African Americans in the USA: 34.6 million
Percentage part in the US population: 13.4%

The Situation of African Americans

The situation of African Americans doesn’t get better since the dead of Martin Luther King 35 years ago. Here are some examples:

• The unemployment under the black population was with 10.8 % in 2003 twice as much as under the white population with 5.2%
• The black America made also in the earning capacity few advances. In the year 1968 was a by a white earned dollar like 55 cent for a black person. In 2001 the difference between them decline about two cent. A black College graduate earns in his life on average 500,000$ less than a white College graduate.
• In the year 2001 a black family had resources amounting to 19,000$ (inclusive apartment). A white family had 121,000$. Black families had on an average only 16 % of the recourses of the white.
• Black people have on the average a lesser lifespan as a white. A white will live six years more than a black person.
• There are also some category groups where the situ...

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