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Abraham Lincoln Biography

Abraham Lincoln
-15th prez of the US, prez during the Civil War
- born Frebr. 12th, 1809 in Hardin County, Kentucky
- mother Nancy Hanks is described as 'intelligent, deeply religios, kindly, and affectionate' but 'Illiterate' as his father.
->his name
- second child
- at the age of 9, his mother died
-> 12 yo sister had to care for household
- early showed his leadership qualities
- was put in charge of a mill and store in New Salem
- became member of the New Salem Debating Society
- won election for the Illinois Legislature in 1834
- the way he made his campaign impressed John Stuart, Whig leader of the county
-> took Lincoln under his care and inpred him to study law
- played an important part in removing the sate capital from Vandalia to Springfield
-1846 elected to the US Congress
- became engaged to Mary Todd, married her on November 12, 1842
- Lincoln was elected to Congress just when the War with Mexico began
- doubted the justice of the war and called the US the aggressor
-> was sharply criticized, and called 'Not a Patriot'
- Whigs won Presidency in 1848, but Lincoln lost his own district
- his pol. career seemed to be ended and he returned to practice of law
- victory in the Mexican War brought the issue of slavery up again
-> led to sectional confrontation
- in 1854 Stephen A. Douglas poposed a bill called 'The Kansas Nebraska Act'
-> left the decision of Slavery to the people
- that bill + Missioury compromise brought L. back into Politics
- always saw slavery as 'moral, social and political wrong'
- was willing to let it alone, didn't want it to extend one inch
- failed to be nominated as Senator in 1855
- realized that the Whig party was dead, by summer 1856 joined the New Republican party
- held a famous speech at the 1st national convention
-> became the leader of the party
- when Republican National Convention chose their candiadate for prez., Lincoln was the first choice for many republicans

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