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USA - english facts



Florida – who hear this name is thinking of summer, sun and beach, palm, blue water and only relaxing.
But bevor talking about the “Sunshine State” I would like to give you some general facts about the land Florida is situated in. About the United States of America…


- the us are one of the biggest country of the world
- country is devided into 48 states; and then there are 2 separated states which includes the union: Alaska in the north, Hawaii in the West
- whole area: 9 529 063 km²
- waters contibuted 507 788km² to the whole area
- largest strech fom: East àWest: 4520 km
North à South: 2570 km
- highest mountain is situated in Alaska à Mount McKinley 6194m
- lowest region lies in the lowand of Death Valley à 86 m under sea level
- the USA are divide into four big area:
- East and South-East: coastplains
- in direction to the West: Appalachen
- cenre area: Great Plains
- West: Kordillen and Rocky Mountains
- biggest riversystem: Mississippi and Missouri – altogehter 6240 km
- five biggest lakes: Ontario-, Erie-, Huron-, Superior- Lake and Lake Michigan
- they are all situated in the Noth-.East of the Midwest
- àimportant ways fot transport of goods


- most aea of USA: warm or chilli temperated zone
- South and South-East: summer humid tropics
- South-West: subtropical
- Hawaii: tropical
- Alaska: very cold (in German: Tundrenklima)


- trees:
- in Rocky Mountains: different kinds of pine, Douglasie and Mammutbaum
- in the North and East: fir tree, spruck, oak tree, beech tree, maple tree, pine
- South-East: fern, Cypress and Lianen
- Texas: because the dry climate - thorn bushes
- animals: famous: Bison, Grizzly- and Brownbears, Pumas, moose


- altogether 260 500 000 Mio inhabitants
- 74 % whites
- 13 % blacks
- 10 % Hispanics
- 2 % Asiens
- 1 % Indians
- language: English (and Spanish, because of the border to Mexico)

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