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The Outback

Where and what is the Outback?
Deserts and Lake Eyre
Alice Springs and the Stuart Highway
Life in the Outback

1. Quotation (Folie: Zitate)
“There is no time in the Outback.
Only the tyranny of the distance and the control of the width.
Either you hate it or you love it.
There aren’t any compromises”

2. Where and what is the Outback? (Folie: Karte)
The people of Australia call their country, as you know Down under. This continent is nearly 8 Mill. square kilometres large and a little bit smaller than Europe. Endless deserts cover 80% of the whole country, but however only 4% of all 18 Mill. inhabitants are living here, they call it Outback.
The Outback is translated as “the land outside the door”. There is no really civilization because most of the inhabitants live on the coast. On the south and east coast they live between Adelaide and Cairns, on the west coast in the area around Perth and on the north coast around Darwin. The Outback is often dangerous, because it is unusual hot and dry, but still there is a fascinating beauty.

3. Deserts and Lake Eyre
Great Victoria Desert – 350.000 km2
Great Sandy Desert – 260.000 km2
Simpson Desert – 250.000 km2
Tanami Desert – 184.500 km²
Gibson Desert – 156.000km²
Little Sandy Desert – 111.500km²
The Lake Eyre is the biggest salt-lake in the Great Attestation basin, one of the regions where it doesn’t rain a lot. It covers 9325 square kilometres and it is 14 meters under the sea level. It is the deepest place of Australia. Mostly it’s not filled with water. After his discovery the Lake was filled with water for 3 times.

4. Informations
The Red Desert – Hot hell of Australia
ü Second largest desert of the world
ü Landscape predominated by the colour red
ü Low mountains; biggest mountain in the Outback: Mount Zeil (1531m)
ü Large stream of red sand from northwest corner of Australia to it’s heart in south...

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