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Table of contents:
1. Nepal at a glance
2. History
a. geological b) non-geological
1. Religions
2. Peoples
1. Basic Facts:
Official Name:
Kingdom of Nepal
Area: 145,391 square kilometres, 885 kilometres
from east to west, 160 kilometres from north to
heavily mountainous, 14% of Nepal is cultivated,
13% is pasture, 32% is forested
Highest point: 8.848 m Mount Everest,
Sagarmatha, Chomolungma
Lowest point: 69 m
Topographical Regions:
High mountains of the Himalaya - 27% of total
land area
Mid- Hills – 56%
Low- land Terai – 17%
ranging from subtropical (south, Terai) to cool, dry
and alpine (north, Himalayan region)
highly influenced by the monsoon
about 21.5 million growing at 2.4 percent
annually, 50% under the age of 21
Life expectancy: 53 years
93% agriculture, 5% services, 2% industry
Multy-party parliament demogracy headed by
King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah
Date of constitution: 9. Nov. 1990
Kathmandu (population ~500.000) situated in
Katmandu Valley (population ~1.000.000)
Tribal groups include: Newar, Gurung, Limbu,
Magar, Rai, Sherpa, Tamang, Tharu
Major hindu caste groups are Brahman and
Other groups: Indians, Tibetians, Muslims
official language: Nepali, 58% spoken
Newari 3%, Tibetian languages 19%, Indian
languages 20%
total amount of languages: ~30 + dozens of
Officially: 90% Hindu, 8% Buddhist, 2% Islamic
Reality: 25 % Buddhist
In Nepal Hinduism and Buddhism overlap mostly.
"Rupees" - ~4.5 Rs equals 1 S
2. History:
a. Geological History:
As Nepal is highly embossed by the gigantic
mountains of the Himalaya (eng.: Abode od
Snow), also the country itself came into being
during the origin of the massif, 130 million years
ago. The Indian continental plate, that had broken
off the huge continent Gondwanaland, drifted
against the Eurasial plate. The enourmous pr...

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