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Capital cityOttawa
27,367 millions
Canada is the 2nd largest country with more than 9,9 million km². Seven percent of the world's area and nine percent of the world's fresh water provision belong to Canada.
The provinces
There are 10 provinces. (Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland)
The national symbol
Since the 18th century the maple leaf has been connected with Canada. The leaf is regarded as the most important national symbol of Canada since 1965. Since then Canada has also got its own flag.
The national money
The currency is the Canadian dollar 1 can$ = 100 cents
Geographical nature
The Canadian landscape is very different. Plains with fertile farm land can be found as well as huge mountain ranges, lakes and rivers.
Canada's mountains
The huge mountain ranges in the eastern areas are the Torgat Mountains, the Appalachians and the Laurentians. In the west there are the Rocky Mountains and the Mackenzie Mountains. The Pelly Mountains and Mount St. Elias are in the north. The highest mountain is Mount Logan in the Yukon - territory.
The big lakes
There are a lot of big lakes in Canada. The biggest is Great Bear Lake.
The rivers
Canada's longest river is the Mackenzie River in the Northwest - territories. Other big rivers are the St. Lawrence River, the Churchill River, the Nelson River.
Trade and industry
In the St. Lawrence - valley dairy farming and potato farming is managed. Wheat is grown in the prairies. The timber industry is very important. Canada has a lot of mineral resources like oil, natural gas, iron ore, uranium, copper and nickel. The most important branches of industry are food and drink industry, construction of motor vehicles, paper, textiles and clothing industry also chemical, electrical, oil and coal industry. The basis of the Canadian industry is the cheap power supply with water power.
The railway network...

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