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Californian climate


California is situated on the western coast of the United States of America.It has almost 800 miles of Pacific coast that varies from warm sandy beachesin the south to rugged rocky shores in the north. A series of low mountainsalong the coast shelter the broad central valleythan runs down the middle of the entire state. This valley forms one of themost productive agricultural centers in the country. A bit further inland, the massive Sierra Nevada mountain range forms an eastern backbone to thestate. Here lies Mount Whitney, the highest peak in continental UnitedStates and some spectacular alpine scenery. Behind the Sierras and south ofthem, the vast Mojave Desert extends eastward into Nevada. California covers100 degrees of latitude, so the different between the regions are very big."It never rains in California" is just a lure for the tourist, the realityis different. The average rainfall in San Francisco amounts to 492mm per year. In LosAngeles the average rainfall is about 100 mm lower, 392 mm per year.The climate in California varies significantly from one location to another.Basically, the Californian weather is semi-tropical, from arid desert inmost of the southern and eastern regions, to mildlytemperate with colder alpine climates at the higher altitudes. In California, you can lounge on a warm sandy beach, drive up a mountain toski or drive down into the intense heat of the desert, and you can do it all in the same day! The temperature in most of the coast regions is pleasant. The cool breezes from the sea ally the summer temperatures and make the winters mild. The temperatures in the summer are about 30 and in the winter about 15 degrees. In the northern part it is usually colder than in the southern part. In the north, first at all the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the weather can be very cold and sometimes it can also snow. From time to time over 15 meter snow. In summer the deserts are very hot, up to 40 degrees. In the winte...

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