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Autralian Sheepfarming

World Heritage Parks, real Australian Outback, snow-capped ski fields, breathtaking beaches and coastlines, lush farming country and the dazzling city lights of Sydney; New South Wales has a lot to offer!!

Against this superb backdrop you will find a network of adventure activities, historie country towns, arts and crafts, great dining, food and wine trails, entertaiment and shopping and a fascinating heritage and sboriginal culture. New South Wales is in the southeast part of the Australian continent and is the most populous and heavily industrialsed State in Australia, with highly urbanised population.

The capital of New South Wales is Sydney, Australia’s largest city and one of the world’s great seaports.
New South Wales has a temperate climate which is generally freeof extremes of heat and cold. Farmstay and country holidays in New South Wales can vary from properties growing wheat, beff cattle, wool, oats, luceme, rice, maize, fruit, vegetables and fish including oyster farming.

The farms located in coastal regions are mainly for mixed farming operations, including dairying, beef cattle and timber. Farmstays in the warmer northem regions of the Tweed, Richmond and Clarence river areas, produce sugar and bananas. Farms located in New South Wales tablelands produce the wold’s finest wools in addition to lamb and beef. On the central slopes of the Great DivingRange, you can find Farmstay oropertiesproducing cherries, apples and pears.


HISTORYSheep came to Australia with the First Fleet in 1788. They were brought by Governor Phillip from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. They had fat, long tails and their wool was like hair. Sheep are not native to Australia. The first white people wanted sheep for their meat and not their wool.
MERINO SHEEPThree out of four Australian sheep are merinos. Most other sheep are crossedwith merinos. The first merinos were bred in Spain. Australian merinos are now a separate ...

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