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A characteristic, distinct vegetation, the "Flora australis" with ca. has Australian plants the Australian continent. 20,000 different plant types. In the tropical north, there are rain forests with Lianen and fern. In the coasts zone, Mangroven grow into the sea in. They adapted themselves outstanding to the tide change and the brine. The sumps are living space of innumerable plants. To the peculiarities of the rain forest, also the many different orchid types count. Almost everywhere, especially however in moderated zones of the south and the coasts regions, be found large Eukalyptuswälder. Of the Eukalyptus-tree (Gumtree), it gives over 400 types. A well known type is the Jarrah in west Australia, one of the hardest woods of the world. Other types, how the Swamp Gum on Tasmanien, become up to 80 ms high. The highest trees of the world are the Karri-Eukalypten in the south west and the Mountain Ash Tree in the southeast with heights of more than 100 ms. In the dried up river beds in the country interiors, Gum is to be found the River speech frequently. Worth mentioning the expanded Eukalyptuswälder of the Blue Mountains (in the hinterland of Sydney), that are would soften through the blue, received have that isolate the trees, its name. Eukalyptusblätter are used also as a well-being plant for Inhalationen. The Desert Oak, a subspecies of the Eukalyptus, is to be stored like many other plants in the country interiors in the situation, water for very long time. The tree lets hang normally the branches, goes only to Regenfällen it up. Mallee-Eukalypten are also typical for dry zone.The grass tree (grass Tree) occurs like the Eukalyptus, throughout Australia. Its tree top consists of a large tuft, out of whose middle in the prime light reed sheets grow. The tropical zone is strongly wooded, predominantly with foliage trees. At the northeastern coast of Queensland including the cape-York-peninsula, rain forests occur. Palms trees, fern plant and vine plant thrive ...

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