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Australia produced by Florian Mack

0. General view p. 1

1. Geography, climate and politics p. 2-3

2. Aborigine p. 4-5

3. Wild life p. 6-7

4. History p. 8

5. Sights p. 9-12

5.1 Canberra

5.1.2 Lake Burley Griffin
5.1.3 The Telstra Tower
5.1.4 The War Memorial
5.1.5 The Government House
5.1.6 The Parliament House
5.1.7 The Old Parliament House

5.2 Sydney

5.2.1 Harbour Bridge
5.2.2 Bondi Beach
5.2.3 The Rocks
5.2.4 Opera House
5.2.5 Sydney Tower

5.3 Ayers Rock / Urulu

5.4 Great Barrier Reef

1. Geography, climate and politics
Australia was discovered by Captain Cook in 1770. The English King George III engaged Captain Cook that he should take possession of the east part of Australia. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. It is in the Indian and the Pacific Ocean. The population is 19 million. In Australia live 2 - 3 person per km² this is not very much, for example in Germany live 132 persons per km². Australia is about 4.000 km from the east to the west and from the south to the north is it about 3.200 km. Australia is about 7.7million (7.700.000) km². The coastline is 36,735km long and is divided in 8 states (West Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Canberra and Tasmania).Canberra is the capital of Australia and Sydney is the biggest city. The three biggest towns are Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. The most towns are in the coast areas because there is water and it is colder. In Australia there is vegetation from dust to tropical areas.

The climate zones are divided in a tropical climate and a subtropical climate. Actually this is strange because of the huge area of this country. The summer months are from December to January, and the temperature lies between 29° C in the North and 18° C in the South. The average temperature in winter lies between 24° C and 10° C. In the tropical part and on the North...

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