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Australia is with an area of 7.686.848 km² the smallest continent of the world, roughtly 21 times bigger as Germany.
Compared with other continents Australia is also the most flatest. Bigger montains can only found in coast areas ans two areals in the centre with a height of around 1500 meters.

The middle of australia, the so called outback, consists mostly of deserts, where e.g. the world famous Ayers Rock, a huge single stone block surrounded by desert can be found.

The coast areas instead are subtropical rain forests in the north and rich grasslands in the south.

Because Australia lies on the southern half of the earth, everything is the „other way round“: The summer is in december, winter in July, and the warm regions are in the north.

Because Australia was splitted from the other continents in primitve times, a unique wildlive envolved itself

Best known are the kangarros and Koala bears, but Australias offers much more:
The rainforrests and also the city trees are filled with e.g. over 300 species of parrots,
in front of the east coast there's the world largest coral reef (bigger as england), the big barrier reef, inhabited by such extraordinary lifeform like the box jellyfisch, the most dangerous sea animal of the world.

The poison of one little 20-30 cm long jellyfish is enough to kill 200 person, and each year more people dies through the box jellyfish as through sharks.

But also the land animals are not without surprises: The world largest earth worms with a length of nearly 4 meters can be found there as well as the seawater crocodile,
but also such friendly animals like the Coala Bear, which isn't a bear in reality, but a marsupial.

The name koalo was given by the original inhabitants, the aborigines and means „no water“.

The name aborigines, by the way, does not come from the original inhibitants, it was given by the settlers, as it come from the latin words „ab origine“ (from start)


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