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Ronald Wilson Reagan

Ronald Wilson Reagan


Irresolute (unentschlossen) person
- 40th president
- Also film star, commentator for sport events
- person who made the American dream come true?
(An American Hero)
->Ronald Reagan

a) How he became a president

February 6 1911 born in Tampico, Illinois, to Jack and Nelle Reagan (4of4) like in story
Dad said: “he looks like fad Dutchman but he will may become a president "->called Dutch we had
1906-1920: family had a series of homes (Chicago,Galesburg,Monmouth,Tampico) (always
-> finally settled down in Dixon,Illinois moving)
1924 Dixon High School
October 1927 Elected Dixon High School student body president
good in school->(just 7%) 1928 went to Eureka College
1932He also served as student body president and helped organize a student strike.
end of college-> sportreporter at radio station (WOC in Davenport,)(American dream?)
1935 Enlisted as a private in the Army Reserve
at a sport event he met: singer Joy Hodges-> was introduced to Hollywood-agent (irresolute)
->carriere as filmstar -> did here his american dream come true
1937 first Warner bros. movie: ”Love is on the air”-> more than 50 films(52)
during world war the 2nd : training films for Air force
1948 married 1st time(jane wyman)_>divorce
1952 married Nancy Davis after (irresolute)
2children= harmony in life =perfect family ?
1962 moderator of show "Death Valley Days"
-> political carrier
first democrats ->later 1964 republicans (irresolute)
supported ultraconservative candidate at election campaign 1964
è he was supported at his election campaign (Governor California)1966
with his politics Reagan supported the California economy
adjusted the household of the California
-> 1970 re-election
finally does not care about re-election (he became candidate for office of president)

always changed jobs:felt like in treatmil ->reached top very fast(radio,TV,governor...

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