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ROBINSON CRUSOE (Bio;Summary;Interpret.)

• ! 1660, Cripplegate " 1731, London – Age of Enlightenment
• 1695 he changed his name from Foe to Defoe
• 1682 he abandoned his father’s plan to become a Presbyterian priest and became a merchant in
• 1697-1701 he served as a secret agent for William III
• 1701 appeared his satirical poem “The True-Born Englishman”, a bestseller
• 1703 he was arrested for “The Shortest-Way with the Dissenters”, an ironical satire on High
Church extremism, committed to Newgate and pilloried. (angeprangert)
• 1703-1714 he served as a secret agent for Harley and other ministers and produced the “Review”,
a pro-government newspaper
• 1719 “The Life and Strange Adventures of Robinson Crusoe”
• 1722 “Moll Flanders”, “A Journal of the Plague Year”
• 1724 “Roxana”
“A prolific and versatile writer he produced some 500 books on a wide variety of topics, including
politics, geography, crime, religion, economics, marriage, psychology and superstition. He delighted in
role-playing and disguise, a skill he used to great effect as a secret agent, and in his writing he often
adopted a pseudonym or another personality for rhetorical impact.”i
“Defoe had a great influence on the development of the English novel and many consider him to be
the first true novelist.”1
Robinson Crusoe is the son of a merchant from Bremen, that settled in York. Love of adventure turns
him into a sailor. He makes a couple of trips to Africa and becomes a wealthy man, and a greedy one,
too. On a trip to Guinea, where he intended to buy cheap slaves, his ship runs aground in a hurricane.
Robinson, the only one who survived the storm, managed to reach the shore of an island. The next
morning he spots his shipwreck. He ships everything that’s not firmly fixed by raft to the island, among
that guns, ammunition and clothes. He lives a tent, surro...

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