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Riots in France

Compare the two articles about the riots in France. Find examples for their differences. Analyse their different treatment of the events in France (content)

“The Sun” and “The Guardian”
Both articles deal with the riots in France but the difference between them is the presentation of the facts.

TS presents only important facts. The article has more statistics for example of the burned cars, which makes it more interesting for the reader who does not know much about them. The statistics attract and catch the attention of the reader. The article reports only the events but no political facts. They do not describe solutions for the riots, just important news quite superficially. The article explains some scandals, which are used as an eye-catcher. It appeals to the readers` emotions by describing the burning school and sport centre and the explosion of a gas canister in a dustbin. The article is superficial and sensational as it is described in line 8, where the journalist shows how many cars were burned. The article also has a lower standard of journalism.

TG has no statistics about the details. It shows some solutions to stop the riots.
TG gives political background information to understand why the youth gangs have such a hate of the government. Also it reports what the police have already done to finish this struggle against the political system in France. TG describes how the police arrest the young offenders and what punishments they can get if they were caught setting something on fire.

“The Sun “and “The Guardian” both have divided the texts in paragraphs, this makes the text legible. TS have 9 paragraphs and TG has even 15 paragraphs this demonstrates that TG has a lot of more information than in TS. Quotations were used in both articles, but in the Sun there is only one sentence of a policeman. Gerunds and past participle are used, for example (TS: Rioting (l.1))
(TG: provoking (l.14)). TS use a simple language for th...

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