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Right of peoples to self-determination

The right of peoples to self-determination is one of the basic human rights.
But what is self-determination?
It is the ability for people to control their lives, reach goals they have set and take part fully in the world around them. But the most important is that it must include individuals with all types of disabilities.
Self-determination has four basic principles:
Freedom, that means deciding for oneself about how to work and live, to direct one’s life and what kind of services and supports to use. People who experience disability do not have to accept segregated schooling, institutional placement or forced treatment of any kind.
Authority or control of the own life, this includes having control over how to spend their money, having the right to vote and being able to sign legal contracts as for getting married.
Support, that means that people with disabilities may desire to be an active part of their community. Those people have also the right to figure out how to make and keep track of plans and budgets and also what kind of supports might work. Independent brokers must also be available to assist people in designing, setting up and managing their support. Fiscal intermediaries must be available to assist with employment paperwork and bill paying.
Responsibility as the fourth principle means that people with disabilities have the responsibility to full fill the ordinary obligations of citizenship like voting, obeying laws, directing their own lives and participating in community live. Policy barriers must be removed when they prevent people who earn money from receiving health insurance or other needed supports.

These all are included in the right of self-determination, one of the fundamental human rights of all people. But they do not only affect disabled people. In many countries many more people are startled; often it is the whole population. These are mostly countries under colonial, foreign or alien domination. Armed conflict, terrorism, arms ...

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