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Richard M. Nixon

1. Biography
2. Nixon’s Presidency
3. Watergate


January 9, 1913: Born in Yorba Linda, California
1934: Graduated from Whitter College (California)
1937: Received Law degree from Duke University in Durham, North
1937 – 1941: Practiced law in Whitter, California
June 26, 1942: Married with Thelma Catherine “Pat” Ryan
1942: Attorney in the Office of Price Administration in Washington D.C.
1942 – 1946: Served in U.S. Navy during World War II
1947 – 1950: U.S. representive from California
1950 – 1953: U.S. senator from California
1953 – 1961: Vice President of the United States
1960: Republican nominee for President, narrowly defeated by governor
John F. Kennedy
1962: Republican nominee for governor of California, defeated by Governor
Edmund G. “Pat” Brown
1963 – 1968: Practiced law in New York City
1969 – 1974: Thirty – seventh President of the United States
August 9, 1974: Resigned as President to avoid impeachment
August 22, 1994: died by a stroke in New York City

Nixon’s Presidency
In the election of 1968 completed a remarkable political comeback by defeating Hubert H. Humphrey to become the 37th U.S. President.
Major initiatives during his presidency:
· Normalizing of diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China and partially abandoning the Republic of China on Taiwan as part of Realpolitik, a foreign policy eschewing moral considerations. In the short term Nixon was successful in playing the "China card" against the Soviet Union and its client state North Vietnam.
· Establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency.
· Establishment of the Drug Enforcement Administration.
· "Vietnamization": the slow wit...

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