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The novel ”The perks of being a wallflower“ written by the American Stephen Chbosky is about Charlie, whose life is a mess because he is mentally disordered and does not talk to anyone.
The novel is divided into four sections and one epilogue and consists of letters put into a chronical order and written by Charlie to an unknown confidant. They are written in variable time periods and are of variable lenght. In the end there is manifold overall picture even if Charlie’s narration is not straight-line - in his letters he also talks a lot about his past.

In the first part Charlie introduces himself not literally but in the reactions of his environment. (The) People get the impression that he is a freak and strange.
It is his first year on a high-school, where he does not know anybody. He is not very popular and does not feel comfortable.
That explains why he needs a friend to whom he can talk, he decides thus to write letters. In this letters he is very frank and honest, he does neither minimize anything nor exaggerate too much. Some events and topics are even nowadays provocating and shocking.
After the first weeks in high-school Charlie comes to know the siblings Sam and Pat, who soon become his best friends.
Charlie falls in love with Sam and has sexual dreams about her, but she says he is too young for her.
He also talks about his family to which he has no close relationship.
His advanced English teacher Bill is the only adult whom Charlie trusts. He gives books to his disciple, who has to write essays about them and also talks with him about feelings and needs.
The first section ends with “We were infinite”. Charlie became very good friends with Sam and Pat and finally feels that he belongs to somewhere.

The second section is about Charlie’s trials to participate. He does a lot with his new friends, begins to write for a fanzine and starts seeing the Rocky Horror Picture Show which is a huge cult in the US.
Charlie is confrontated wit...

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