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Report about London


London is the capital of Great Britain. It is 1596 square kilometre in size. About 6,8 million people live there and slowly it grew into one of the world’s major cities. London is divided in 33 Boroughs. The interior part is the only 2.7 square kilometre big City. The business city with the Bank of England, the stock market, the town hall, the royal opera house, Covent Garden and the St Paul’s Cathedral. In the southeast of the city, at the end of the harbour, is the Tower of London with the Tower Bridge; in the southwest and west, is the goverment quarter with the Buckingham Palace, Downing and Regent Street, Traflagar Square, Westminster Abbey and the Parliament Buildings; in the east are the educational and the culture furnishings: the university, TU (trade union), the British museum, National Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum. There is the commerce and the industry position, the world harbour and the international airports, Heathrow and Gatwick.
The people who immers in this big metropolis, have not only the experience from these fascinating city, but at the same time the reflection of the British es­sence and of the English way to live. For example: The Londoner taxis, which there especially high roof, so that the gentlemans which there Bowler Hat’s can get in comfortable. Or about the Speaker’s Corner in the Hyde Park, where all the peoples can philosophize and disturbed over God and the world.
Each district in London has his own atmosphere. Different areas seem like different citys. The West End is a rich man’s world of shops, offices and theatres. The East End is the old working people’s district, where there are many small flats and houses, some old, some new.
London is always changing. New buildings go up and old ones come down. Poorer areas become fashionable and people with more money move into them.
London offered everyone something: museums, parks, castles, pubs, markets, and, and, and ...
In London are a lot of pu...

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