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Referat über Kenia

Kenya in general - the geography

582.646 sqkm
31,345 Mio.

Goverment Type:

Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda
Mt. Kenya (Kirinyaga) (5.195 m), Mt. Elgon (4.231 m), Aberdares (3.999 m)
Tana (700 km), Athi-Galana-Sabaki (390 km), Guam-Turkwel (380 km)
320 km
Lake Victoria (69.485 sqkm), Lake Turkana (6.405 sqkm), Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru
Special attraction:
The Great Rift Valley, Various Wildlife Parks

Kenya - the land of expansive savannas, elephants, antelopes and giraffes at whose edge towers the highest mountains in Africa. The land of endless beaches, countless coconut trees. The land along the Indian ocean coast of East Africa - the land Kenya. Hospitality to visitors in the land of Mount Kirinyaga (Mt. Kenya) is written in capital letters!
In Mombasa you encounter the second largest city in Kenya and here you will experience the African-Oriental touch of the coastal town and the most important port in East Africa.

Language - Swahili

The official language in Kenya is Swahili. Also common know and spoken is still English as an artifact of the colonial system of the British Empire. But not everyone in Kenya knows Swahili, in schools to learn Swahili is a must but every tribe has its own language, so especially in rural areas one still can find people who will understand neither Swahili nor English.
The pronounciation of Swahili is different from that of English, it's somehow similar to the pronounciation of German. The grammar is not that difficult, the most important structures are syllabels. Differnt syllables are responsible to make words, tenses and make possesive and reflective pronouns, together they make whole sentences.
Swahili is widespread in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and parts of Malawi and Zaire. Today about 45 million people in East Africa talk Swah...

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