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Referat Tasmania

Referat Tasmania - English

We will talk about Tasmania. Tasmania is an island on the Southeast of and it’s the smallest state of Australia. Its also the island of Austalia, the areas have a size of 68.000 square kilometres. Tasmania was discovered by the Dutch seaman Abel Tasman in 1642. He called this island Van Diemens Land. 200 years later Tasmania get his currently name. Tasmania is also call the Apple island because the worlds famous apple sort granny smith was first grow crops there. The population of Tasmania is 470 000 people. The capital of Tasmania is Hobart. It’s in the south of Tasmania. The highest mountain is Mount Ossa with 1617 m.
In the east is the Tasman see, in the west is the Indian Ocean and in the south is the often stormy and cold Southern Ocean.
Tasmania is very mountainous. In the total west half and in the east is a wild mountainous region. It’s not very reconstructed with streets. The area was build of the ice of the ice age.
Today Tasmania has a jungle that is the main attraction of the tourists. Because of this Tasmania have a lot of national parks. They protect the landscape and the animals of the destruction of the tourists.
The people of Tasmania are very relax and friendly people. They make their money to live with sheep or cow farms. They live in the near of the coast and sees. An other methods to make money in Tasmania is fishing and chicken farming.
The Tasmanian industry is the cloth- and cement industry. But the biggest industry of Tasmania is the tourism. In Tasmania are 1500 luxuriance hotels and ca. 25 000 restaurants
Tasmania have also mineral recourses like lead, zinc, silver, tin and hematite.
But endangered animals are not endangering about the tourist set apart the foreign animals like the dingo or the fox.
Local animals are for example are kangaroos or Wallabies. In Tasmania live 2 kinds of kangaroos: Eastern Grey Kangaroo or Forester Kangaroo. A kangaroo is about 2 metres big.
An other local pop...

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