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Rage against the machine

Rage against the machine

Rage against the machine is a four member band from L.A. (California).
For the most part, their music is about politics in the USA, problems about it, and also social problems.

About the Band:

Zack de la Rocha- vocals

Zack de la Rocha was born in 1970 in Long Beach. His parents splitted up when he was 1; Then he lived at his mothers place. First he visited his father during the weekend, but his father was very religious (he wasn’t allowed to eat anything, during the weekend cause of the holy Bibel, his Father thought). He couldn’t do that, so he decided to rest at his real home. During the school he was well known, in scenes like punk rock, and heavy metal. He sang in a band named “Hardstance”. A few years later, as he started freestyle rapping in clubs he met Tom Morello, Brad Wilk and Tim Commerford. That was the foundation of “RATM”

Tom Morello- Guitar

Tom Morello born in New York on May 30 of 1964 is the guitarist of the band. He grew up in Libertyville. His mother Mary Morello established the organisation “Parents of Rock” which was against censorship. His father was a Guerrilla fighter. Tom’s education wasn’t the best first. He went to a primary school in Libertyville. He always wanted to play guitar, but as he learned C-Dur and things like that, he didn’t want to play the guitar any longer, he was full of playing any instruments. A few years later he studied the guitar in a university. Tom practised playing the guitar in L.A. where it’s easy to establish a rock band. As he met Zack “Rage against the machine” was established.

Brad Wilk- Drums
Brad was born in Portland in 1968. He possibly is the “most silence” artist of the band. Probably one of the reasons is that he’s not very interested in politics. He’s in the band, cause of music, and not cause of the politic opinion which is mentioned by RATM. Brad loves to travel around in foreign countries and he speaks a lot of lan...

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