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The world of racism in england

In England racism is wide spread.Homeless people are out of work, haven't got friends, and no future.
Thay live on street and sing or play to earn some money to live on.But sometimes they are thieves, and thay very often thay are pickpockets.
In our schoolbook (klass 7c) there is a story about a girl and a busker, who sang a song, because of her sorrows. He played on his guitar and didn't look at her...Thay looked at each other and thay became good friends.
Indian people
Thay live in England or in another country,to find a job and they want to have a better and easier life than in India before.
But some people can't understand it and they do racism on them.
Black People
Black people are often victims of racism because thay are black,not just white.
They are different from us.
White people burn down their churches because they think that thay have another god and another religion than we have.
Indian people are similar to the Blacks...they just have another religion and another god.
Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder is black, blind, and he is a very famous songwriter and singer.He stands for peace and he has fought for it all his live.He wants to live like in this song "Ebony and Ivory".They live in harmony.
He wants to save the rainforest.
He hates wars and he is able to present it his ways.
Almost every country in Europe has got problems with racist singns, songs and even violence....

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