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Racism and discrimination against black people in America

Racism and discrimination against black people in America

- Introduction

This presentation is about racism and discrimination against black people in America. Let’s have a look at few examples to think about racism and discrimination.
For example:
- Why are 75% of the young black people in prison?
- A German teacher went to an American School. He got the 3rd class with 20 black children, but only 2 children could read.
- Why can only 1 black people sit and vote in a 100 men Senate?
- Why can only 40 black people of 435 men vote in the representation house?

These are the most important examples for discrimination in public. But we know racism and discrimination is a daily topic in schools or public places. Let’s have a look in the history of the blacks, the story of Martin-Luther King JR with his independent demonstrations and the life of the blacks today. I also want to show you a few minutes of Mahatma Gandhi’s life and his struggle for independence.

- History 1492 – 1899

• America was discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus.
Soon the Europeans realized that Africans are very good workers in the hot sun, because of their dark skin. They imported Africans on slavery ships from Africa. However only 50% of the slaves arrived at America, because the situation on the ships was very hard. For example the slaves had to sit in little dark rooms next to the goods. They were treated like animals and they were brought in chains into their new home – AMERICA.
• 1712 – The first revolt of slaves began in New York. 19 slaves were executed. Some other revolts followed, but they couldn’t stop the slavery.
• 1790 – Nearly 700 000 slaves lived in the American nation of 3, 9 million people.
• 1808 – It was forbidden to import African slaves but smuggling continues.
• In 1822, Denmark Vesev, who was an ex-slave, thousands of slaves in a revolt in Charleston. As a consequence he was caught and hanged.
• 1838 – A cens...

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