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My son's story by Nadine Gordimer(Book Report)

Published in December 1991, in South Africa(?)
277 Pages, Winner of the Nobel Price in Literature

Book report
Biography of Nadine Gordimer

Nadine Gordimer was born November 20 th (1923) in Springs, South Africa. Springs was a small town outside Johannisburg. Her father, Isidore Gordimer, was a Jewish jeweller who had emigrated from Lithuania, a small country in Europe north of Poland. Her mother, Nan Myers Gordimer, was an Englishwoman. The family was neither intellectual nor prosperous, although their lives were financially comfortable. Merely because she was white, Gordimer led what was considered a privileged childhood and young adulthood in the protected environment which surrounded the white minority. She married twice and has two children: A daughter from her first marriage and a son from her second marriage.

Nadine Gordimer began writing at the age of 9. Her first short story was published at 14. During her 20?s, many of her works appeared in local magazines and in 1951 the highly esteemed New Yorker published the first of many of her stories which have appeared in that well known literary magazine. Although some of her works are non-fiction. she is best known today for her twelve novels and is also widely recognized as one of the greatest short story writers of the century. She has published fifteen collections of short stories. Few South African writers hold the international reputation that does Nadine Gordimer. In 1991, she won the Nobel Prize for Literature. (Between 1901 and 1997, only nine women have received this prestigious international award.)


This novel (?My son?s story?), written by Nadine Gordimer, is a story of a man?s evolution as a political activist and the toll it takes on his family and on him. It is also a picture of a marriage and of an extramarital affair, set against a backdrop of daily life in segregated South Africa, even as t...

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