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My Left Foot

Chris was born
in 1932 as the tenth child of a Dublin bricklayer. The family later consisted of 22
children, 4 already died in infancy. His was a difficult birth. After four month his
mother realised that there was something wrong with him, six month later they went to a
doctor. He told Mrs. Brown that her son suffered form cerebral palsy, he could not
control his speech and body, apart from his left foot. Everybody meant that there is no
hope to getting normal for Chris. In the beginning it was only his mother who didn’t
give him up, the other people thought that his mind was also crippled as his body. But
Christy could never show her that he understood everything. One day he saw his sister with
a chalk. He instinctively used his left foot to take it and began to scribble on the
floor. His relatives were very excited and his mum stood up, wrote the letter A on the
floor and told him to copy it. After a few trials he managed to do so; this was the start
of his ability to communicate.
Soon he learned to put different
letters together for little words, then he could do sentences, too. He developed an own
language which the family could mostly understand; the other words were written down on
the floor. A doctor came to look for his brother when Christy attracted his attention. He
was very enthusiastic and began to visit him regularly.
Chris now often went with his
brothers and their friends, they pushed him along in a go-car that they called his
chariot. Tony, one of his bigger brothers, was his hero and Chris also wanted to show that
to him. One day Tony got arrested and Chris stole the key of the bedroom, where he was
locked in, out of his mums pocket. Then he crawled there and gave the key under the door
to his brother.
The friends made many outings with
Chris, one day they were even stealing some fruits. They were also swimming with him. One
day the axle of his go-car broke; that was...

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