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- 1973: AC/DC is establish by the two brothers Angus and Malcolm Young
- AC/DC = " Alternating Current/ Direct Current "
= " Wechselstrom/ Gleichstrom "
- 1975: The two first hits... "High Voltage" , " T.N.T."
- 1980: The Singer Bon Scott dies, the new Singer is Brian Johnson
- 1980 - 1990: They write their gratest hits: "Highway To Hell", "The Jack",
"Hells Bells", "Thunderstruck", "Moneytalks" and " Back in Black"
- 2002: "Q" magazine named AC/DC as one of the " 50 Bands To See Before You Die"
- 2003: Their induction to the Amrican " Rock’n Roll Hall Of Fame "
- 2003: The Recording Industry Association of America certify the classic
" Back in Black " as Double Diamond (20,000,000) sales in the

The Hardrockband ACDC was established in December 1973 by the brothers Angus and Malcolm Young.
ACDC is pronounced one latter at a time and is suggested by their sister
Margaret after she read it on a sewing machine.It means alternating current/direct current in german: Wechselstrom/Gleichstrom. Although the band is also known to its Australien fans as "ACCA DACCA"
The two boys was born in Scotland and moved with their family to Australia as children. So ACDC is an australien band.
At first the band consist of Dave Evans(Singer), Angus Young(Lead-guitar),
Malcolm Young(Rhythm-guitar), Larry Van Kriedt(Bass) and Colin John Burgess(drums) but one year later Dave Evans leaved the band and ACDC had a new singer. His name was Bon Scott.
The early lineups changed often but the 1974 enlistment of charismatic singer Bon Scott as their frontman signified the beginning of real success.
Another vital innovation was Angus Young’s adoption of his now-famous school uniform as a regular stage outfit.The original was reputedly Angus real uniform from his secondary school in Sydney.
Between 1974 and 1978 they aided by regular appearances on the nationally
Broatcast TV pop show "Countdown" and ACDC became one of the most popular and succes...

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