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CULTURE: Melting Pot or Stone Soup?


asserting value of different cultures coexisting within single society;

vision of cultural diversity deliberately fostered and protected

“Americans are
not a narrow tribe. Our blood is as the flood of the Amazon, made up of a
thousand noble currents all pouring into one” Herman Melville

Multiculturalism is: A ruling idea of American culture

Diversity is one of the highest American values

The first

of Multiculturalism is the equality of all cultures

Measures to deal with the increasing immigration:

1790 no measures

1840: Castle Garden was built as an advice center in New York

1892: Ellis Islandwas built as the primary processing center in New York

1917: first laws: exclusion of Asians, requirement of literacy

1921/24: limitation quotes for each country outside the western

(300.000/165.000immigrants a year)

1965: waiting lists after hemisphere quotes


today:ordinary 675.000 immigrants each year

Risks of
Multiculturalism: Theses for a discussion

Bernstein in a recent publication "Dictatorship of Virtue: Multiculturalism and
the Battle for America's Future" advances the following picture. He charges that
'ideological multiculturalism' has brought about 'a great inversion in
American intellectual life'. He continues: 'the threat of intellectual
tyranny now comes from the left, and it now has to do with collective guilt, an
overweening moralism, and multiculturalism. The danger to such things as free
speech and genuine diversity of opinion is no longer due to conservatism; it is
due to the triumph of a modish, leftist, moralistic liberalism.'

In a short
thesis: When a false picture of Multiculturalism gets popular, there’s the risk

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