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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa is known all over the world as a small old woman with many folds. She was away a lot on all continents with her blue and white Sari and sandals. Teresa also received the Nobel price of peace. The church and famous persons of the world liked to be near her, to profit from her charisma. Journalists, photographs, reporters and television made her to an international star, to the holy person of the poor, to the angel for ill persons. Mother Teresa meant she is just a pencil stump at God’s hand who writes what he wants.

Her childhood
Teresa was born on the 26th of august 1910 in Scope, Macedonia. As a child her name was Agnes and she is the youngest of three children. Her family lived in Albania.
Agnes father was a building contractor and architect, he died very early in 1919. Her mother was a charitable woman who collected clothes and food for the poor and looked after ill persons, alcoholics and orphans.
Agnes attended a public school and was always the best in her class. She also was interested in the church and the choir.
At the age of 18 she wanted to go to the Indian Mission to help people. So she joined to the convent of Loreto. She even went to India before she made her vow. The name Teresa she got absorbed in thought of Teresa of Ávila.

Her works

Mother Teresa’s dream fulfilled: First she became a teacher; afterwards she became director of St. Mary’s High School in Calcutta. She taught rich young girls at the convent, but outside the walls there were the slums of Calcutta where lived thousand of people in poverty.

At the age of 36 Mother Teresa left the convent. She wanted to help the poor ones of the world. She made very quickly a course for becoming a nurse and an obstetrician. Afterwards she begun the work in slums and she self lived also in poverty.
Teresa asked the authorities for a house for the persons who are mortality ill – and she got the house called: Hirmal Hriday = place of unstained heart.

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