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Morton Rhue - "The wave"

Morton Rhue – „The wave“

- people can easily be manipulated
- takes often a long time to realize this manipulation to be self-confident and crticial towards other opinions and ideas
- experiment of Ben Ross

- place: Palo Alto, California
- time: 1969
- based on real story

Laurie Saunders:
- pretty girl, having perpetual smile
- used to chew on pens when she feels nervous
- editor-in-chief of school´s newspaper “The grapevine”
- cheerful nature
- smart, clever and intelligent student
- gets A-marks
- strong character
- reliable, ambitious, strong sense of justice
- good intuition, need for friendship
- intellectually trained and self-confident person
- antagonist to Ben
- fights against Wave
- most popular girl at schools
- short brown hair
Amy Smith:
- petite, fair girl
- best friend of Laurie
- smart and intelligent
- gets A-marks
- feels that the people only likes her when she is able to keep up with Laurie
Mr. Gabondi:
- French teacher
- is not loved by the pupils => courses too boring
Ben Ross:
- young History teacher
- for 2 years at Gordon High
- wife: Christy Ross (teacher in music and choir at same school)
- good reputation at school
- pupils like him
- very engaged in teaching, interested and involved in topics
- brings new outlook to his classes and tries to teach practical, relevant aspects of history
- colleagues have different opinions in his way of teaching => some like his unusual methods, some are sceptical => envy and jeaulousy?
- ambitious, more stubborn
- inventor of “the wave”
- communicate to the pupils like a friend
Brian Ammon:
- quarterback on football team
- enjoying social life = important for him
- often gets bad marks; but: able to do better
Robert Billings:
- class loser
- gets usually bad marks
- Ben Ross: he is a real problem
- heavy boy, looks a bit untidy and unkempt
- has to struggle to come on
- other pupils li...

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