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Moon Palace -- Kepler's Blood

Kepler’s Blood

- wrote it when he was 17 with all information

stories he heard:
- died in the west (utah) few months b4 he was born (plausible)
- everyone said he was a painter (paintings at wall / landscapes)
- aunt: fallen off a sliff
- uncle: indians rescued him

- part western part science fiction
- unbelievable points – everything happens by chance
- had been often rejected

- John Kepler (35) leaves wife, son for 6 months (Utah & Arizona)
- falls off cliff à rescued by indians
- they seem isolated, primitive – doesn’t know them
- BUT: don’t have Indian features (blue eyes, hair on chests)
- calls them “the Humans”

the Humans:
- lived on the Moon
- carried by a spirit cloud to the Earth (Forrest of First Things)
- meet “the Others” – get help/knowledege (plants animals)
- live in harmony

Wild Men from other Side of the World killed them (bearded ones) with thunder and lighting sticks
Humans and Others split – travel westwards – wild men follow

Discover “Flat World” – “Land In The Sky” – “Land of Little Water” (wild men refused to live there)

- first doesnt understand language – learns few words – can pronounce their words – better hearing
- words sound like remnants (Überreste) of english words (coincidence – tests)
- Indians are “the Others” – that place looks like moon
- populations becomes fewer – a dream: dead man will rescue them (deliverance)
à story starts to tumble
- kepler wants to stay there
- has lots of sex (296/7)
keplers son is born

new chapter:
- son is 18 – searches his father in utah
- finds Humans’ settlement (coincident) & recognizes his father
- Kepler pretends not to understand him à kills him next night (knife)
- Jacomin (favorite son) only witness – searches killer
- meets Silent Thought (old medicine man – left tribe long time ago)
- leanrs twelve transformations (297/20)
- J dre...

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