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Moon Palace: Remark on books, authors, the writing process

Remark on books, authors, the writing process

Similarities to author's life
Some aspects of the main character's life in Moon Palace mirror the life of the author. He was a descendant of an Austrian Jewish family, born on the Third of February 1947 in Newark, New Jersey, which is only 20 miles southwest of New York. He also attended high school there. In his childhood, Auster's father Samuel Auster was often absent. Samuel Auster was a businessman who left the house in the morning before his son was awake and returned home when he was already in bed. Auster always searched for someone to replace his father. Unlike his father his mother gave Auster very much attention.
· Paul Auster and Marco Fogg were both born in 1947.
· Marco's, Solomon's and Paul's father were all absent during their sons' childhoods.
· When Paul's uncle travelled to Europe he stored several boxes of books at the Austers' home. Paul Auster read one book after the other. The same goes for Marco, who read his Uncle Victor's books.
· They both studied at Columbia University, New York.
· Both Paul and Marco lost a lot of weight after running out of money.
· Effing and Paul went to France (Paris).

Interview with Paul Auster, 21 February 1993:
CP: “Right, I agree completely. But you do mention a lot literary names and books in all of your works. This seems to point the reader to your influences, or to authors who share similar ideas with you.”
PA: “Well, yes, but when you get right down to it, in City of Glass there are books mentioned, and then a little bit in Ghosts, one or two books. Moon Palace is a book filled with books. But it all depends on the narrator or the protagonist of the story. Fogg is my most bookish, overly intellectual character, and his head is stuffed with books. […] Even though he's a reader, there are very few intellectual references in the book. It all depends on who's telling the story or who the story is about...I've also noticed a strange altern...

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