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Refugee - "Any person, who because of persecution or life-threatening conditions, has had to leave behind his homeland and all that he or she ever was and ever hoped to be."
Immigrant - "A person who takes up residency in another country through established immigration procedures; foreign-born newcomers to the U.S. regardless of their legal status."

Reasons why people leave their home countries:

Most of them decide to leave their homes in search of a better life. They live under bad conditions and can´t find any job. And when they have found one, this job is mostly very badly paid. These circumstances force them to leave their country, because they can´t feed their family.
They have heard that opportunities in Europe exist for all, and they hope to create a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.

There are also skilled workers, who leave their home countries, because they can earn much more money in Europe and also in order to get more experience.

Another reason is that many people have to flee, for example from the Taliban. In this case they are called Refugees. Most of them are political refugees.

Reaction of the local population:

Most people have no problems with migrants and refugees. They know that they had problems in their country and had to move. They also understand that we need them for the economy.

But there are also people who don´t like the immigrants. They fear that they take away jobs and that they just exploit social benefits.
They put them under suspicion, especially the Muslims, since the twin towers attack of September 11th. These people reproach them, that aspects of their religion are fundamental.
The biggest hostility by the local population exists in towns or districts where many immigrants live. Because there, the migrants are not any longer a minority and they are not ready to adapt to the lifestyle of the host country.
Migrants and refugees often...

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