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Martin Luther King (GFS)

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King was a well-known leader of non-violent and successful movement for equalization of colored people with the white people. Like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela he fought against global segregation. He reached the introduction of the civil rights and created a foundation against the racism. But however he could not eliminate the racism in the USA and change the bad living conditions of the blacks.
The situation of the blacks at the beginning of the 20th century:
The blacks
-had no voting rights
-could not live everywhere, only in certain districts
-were not allowed to use the same public toilets like the white people, they were separated
-could not eat at the same counter in a restaurant
-were not allowed to marry a white person (legal prohibition)
-had separate schools than the white people
Michael King, later Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January the 15th in Atlanta (Georgia). His mother was Alberta King (1904 - 1974), a teacher and his father Michael King Sen. (1899 - 1984) was a reverend of a Baptist Church. He also had two sisters. Because Michael King Sen. admired Martin Luther he renamed himself and his son in Martin Luther King Sen. and Martin Luther King Jr..
Education of M. L. King:
When King Jr. was 17 years old he became a preacher in the church of his father in Atlanta, Georgia. At the same time he visited the Morehouse College there, the only College for blacks in the South. For studying theology he went to the Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester (Pennsylvania). He worried not to fulfil the standards of the white people, that’s why he learned intensively and became the best of his grade. Martin read a lot about Mahatma Gandhi, whose non-violent behaviour impressed and coined him for life. In 1951 he graduated with Bachelor of Divinity. Later he wrote the doctoral thesis on the Harvard University in Boston (Massachusetts). After his studies on the New England College he became...

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