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Marketing Process

Marketing Process

Hello, and welcome to my presentation about „The Marketing Process“!

The main subjects are:
v Marketing Concept
v Situation Analysis
v Marketing Strategy
v Marketing Mix Decisions
v Implementation & Control

At first, let me explain you what the Marketing Concept is all about:
With the concept the firm tries to find out, what needs the customer has and how to fulfill them. The process itself is formed in a sequence of steps.
These are:
v Analyzing of the opportunities
v Formulate a strategy for a value (Wert) proposition
v Make tactical decisions
v Implement the plan
v Presentate the results

The next point is about the Situation Analysis, the biggest part.
To fulfill the customers’ needs, the firm should analyse the part of the market in which it acts. The firm must use their own possibilities (Möglichkeiten) to identify the customers’ needs. The situation can show the environment of the firm and of course an internal analysis. The environment can be described in 2 types:

v In macro-environmental factors (many firms)
v In micro-environmental factors (related to the situation of the firm)

The situation analysis should include the past, present and future aspects. It includes the history and the way of it into the present and future-trends (the way it will go). Good forecasting can reduce the loss when bringing the product on the market and nobody wants it.
Furthermore, the analysis contains a summary according to which the firm can act in order to satisfy customers’ needs better than the competition.

Let me explain you one framework which can be used to get structure into the analysis:
The 5 C-Analysis - Company, customers, competitors, collaborators, climate.
The company represents the internal situation, the other 4 the external situation.

The next main point is the Marketing Strategy:
If the best opportunity to fulfill customers’ needs is identified, a strategy plan for realising them...

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