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Making Use of the Internet for English Studies


The Internet. The media everybody talks about and wants to get use of . Newspapers and magazines are covered with articles about this complicate network, even though they are presenting the issues on their own homepages in the Internet; every single company, may it be a little store or a tycoon, presents itself and its products throughout the web. Today, on every letter head and buisnesscard email addresses can be found.

Yet today, thousands of students in dozens of countries around the world are living the reality of the global village in interactive ways. Through the medium of networks and telecommunication technologies these students are learning to think of themselves as global citizens for the first time, seeing the world, and their place in the world, in ways much different than their parents.


1. The Internet - What is it?

The Internet is basically a connection of many computers located all over the world. What these computers really do is exchange information. The Internet seems to be chaotic at first sight. What else should we expect of a system which is not controlled or organized by anybody. But it works anyway. It is the playground for everybody. All of us can take use from this network. It might be disappointing for some newbies when they notice that life on the net is just normal and trivial. But it must be obvious that netters won't change fundamentally only because they are connected by a computer. Horror fictions like "Newromancer" are exciting and breath-taking, but this has nothing to do with the Internet of today, ( Cole, page 10). Still, the world's biggest computer network is surrounded by an aura of mystery.

In contrast to controlled flow of information, however, the global interconnection of networks gives millions of people direct access to information in ways the world has never seen before. Information of every sort flows freely, across national ...

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