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Making Law-breakers of Youths

The party CSU wants to make a law about youths. They are going to prohibit that under fourteen years old children can stay outside without parents or guardians after eight pm. With that law they try to prevent the big problem of for example twelve years old children hanging around and taking drugs like alcohol or others. If the law will get accepted we probably won’t meet any drunken children on the streets in the evening, perhaps we won’t get stressed by gangs of little kids. But would anybody observe that. Will in summer when it is warm and even light till ten o’clock in the evening anybody stay at home. And what is if these children stay till ten pm with a friend and have to go home? That’s the first contra point of that law. The second one is that children who want to drink, smoke or do other things will do this, doesn’t matter where and when. If they can’t drink outside after eight pm they’ll do this before the curfew will enter. You can buy alcohol at three o’clock as easy as at 10 o’clock.
It could be even more dangerous for these children, because if you aren’t allowed to stay outside it doesn’t mean that you mustn’t go outside, it means that you shouldn’t be seen. So the children will hide in lonely alleys or other similar places. If they get attacked or raped there is nobody who can help them. If they stay perhaps on the marketplace, where even at night always people are in the near they are protected against criminals and they don’t come so often on the idea to become criminals. But surely that’s not a solution, too.
The best way was to do more for our youths. Youth-centres should be more interesting for them and of course there should exist more. For me a solution would be a youth-centre distributed in some parts. For example one part for poppers, one for metalers and one for reggae-listening youths. That’s namely the cause that so little people go to youth-centres. Mostly they follow the fashion. People who like that ...

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