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Mahatma Gandhi, father of a nation

introduction: His real name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and he got the name "Mahatma" from the indians, it means "Big Soul". Gandhi lives from 1869 to 1948. Gandhi is well-known because of the independence movement of India and he is considered as an advocate of the non-violent resistance to the accomplishment political goal. On second October 1869 Mohandas was born in today’s Gujarat. He studied law and became an attorney in 1891. 1892 he went as the attorney of an Indian company to Durban in the British colony “Natal” in South Africa. When he saw that civil liberties and political rights were refused there, he started the fight for the basic rights of the Indians.
The passive resistance:For twenty years, Gandhi stayed there and he came in a prison several times. The “Natal Indian Congress” was founded by Gandhi in 1894 who organised the resistance of the immigrants against the discriminative laws of races. Mohandas was influenced by Lew Tolstoj and Henry David Thoreau, so he displayed politics for a non-violence fight of the passive resistance and refusal cooperation with the authorities. But Gandhi found the words “passive resistance” unsuitable, so he named it “Satyagraha”.During a war, Gandhi built an ambulance corps for the British army and lead an unity of the Red Cross. After the war, he continued his campaign for the rights of Indians. Mohandas founded an agricultural co-operative for the Indians in 1910 – the Tolstoj-Farm. In 1914, the government abolished the head-tax in South Africa.
self-administration:Then in that year Mahatma returned to India and received the leadership in the fight of the Indians for the self-administration. After the world war I, he included the passive resistance against Great Britain. When the British parliament in 1919 said good bye to the Rowlatt Acts, the Satyagraha-movement spread out over whole India. Gandhi appealed to a compaign of the Asahayaga. Therefore all Indians blocked the streets, the higher...

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