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Mahatma Gandhi



1. Introduction
2. Some facts about him
3. Gandhi in South-Africa
4. Passive resistance
5. Self – administration
6. The Salt-march
7. The struggle for independence
8. Sources

1. Introduction:

Ø Well-known person because of his independence movement of India and because he is an advocate of non-violence resistance

2. Some facts about him:

Ø Lived from 1896 – 1949
Ø Was born on 2end October in today’s Gujarat in India
Ø Lived in a rich family which belonged to the Vaishyas (caste - system)
Ø He was a Hindu
Ø At the age of 13 he was married with Kasturbai Nakanji by his family
Ø She substitutes (= vertreten) for him when he was in arrest

Ø Lived very simple à ate no meat, wore only simple clothes which he spun on his own
Ø His real name was Mohandes Karamchand Gandhi but the Indians named him Mahatma Gandhi (means – Great soul) à got the name because of his commitment (= Einsatz) for the Indian population

3. Gandhi in South – Africa

Ø 1888 – 1891 studied law in London
Ø 1891 became lawyer in Bombay
Ø 1893 went to South – Africa to work there
Ø at the beginning he only wanted to stay there for a year
Ø at this time it was controlled by the British
Ø there he got the thirst experience of discrimination from the white persons towards the Indians
Ø Examples:
Ø he wasn’t allowed to leave the house after 9 o‘clock p.m. without a licence
Ø he wanted to go by the train in the first class, he also had a ticket. But the inspector told him to go in the luggage can (= Gepäckswagen). He answered back but at the end he was thrown out of the train.
Ø The discrimination resulted of his colour of the skin and his religion
Ø With the influence of his experience he started the struggle for the basic-rights of the Indians in South-Africa

4. Passive resistance:

Ø Stayed in South–Africa for 20 years
Ø Was sent to prison for several times
Ø Founded...

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