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Guardian Angels


Table of contents:

A: Presentation
1. Who are the “Guardian Angels“?

2. When did it begin ?

3. What do they do ?

4. News of the Guardian Angels“?

B: Handout

C: Pictures from the Guardian Angels

Produced by Florian Mack, in March 2004

1. Who are the “Guardian Angels“?

The Guardian Angels are volunteers who look after the city and the people there. The most famous man who joined them is the former mayor of NYC Rudolph Giuliani. There are programs for kids from 7 to 11 and 12 to 16. They aren't allowed to patrol, but they can make a difference between violence and normal life. They are taught by some older Guardian Angels. When you're 16 and older, you may patrol and work with the ambulance, for example. They control New York Central Park and other dangerous places where crime is taking place day by day. There are also people looking the internet for men urging children in the cyberspace.

2. When did it begin?

The project began in 1979. First it was a neighborhood clean-up led by Curtis Sliwa in the Bronx. He formed the “Rock Brigade“ with his co-workers. He was the night manager at a McDonald's restaurant at that time. They received many awards from community and governmental groups around the city. They managed to make this part of the city more beautiful, but it wasn't safer. The members walked old men and women home safely and they wanted to do something against crime. Then they controlled the subway. Curtis had a multi-racial team of 12 volunteers. They rode the subways for helping the police to find gang members. They took them without weapons and waited fort he police to arrest them. New York hadn't had enough money and the crime became more popular in the population. So neighborhood watch groups were needed, but they weren't welcomed.

3. What do they do?

I've already told you about who the Guardian Angels are. Now I want to add some d...

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