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Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsen spent two romantic summer months in a hotel near at the sea. There they fell in love. Sandy thinks that she doesn’t see Danny again because she should go back to Australia. Both must go back again to their schools.

The new school year starts.
Danny goes to the Rydell High School where he want to make his final examination soon. His friends from the leather jackets-gang, the “Thunderbirds” wait of him already.
Kenickie, Doody, Sonny and Putzie were very curiously to hear what has Danny experienced during the vacation. In the meantime Sandy has changed the school and arrives in the Rydell High School.
She doesn’t know that the Rydell High School Danny’s school is. In the Cafeteria, Sandy meets the “Pink Ladies”.
The girls Rizzo, Frenchy, Jan and Marty feel to the “Thunderbirds” as a counterpart and ask Sandy about her vacation experiences. So Sandy tells how she met a sweet boy.
McGee, the director of the Rydell High School, welcomes the students and teacher which coming back from the vacation.
McGee announces in addition, that the Rydell High School was select from the national ribbon stand television to transfer her national dancing competition on television.
In the meantime, Sandy has joined the Cheerleaders.
At a care race, she meets Danny, who is very happy to see her again. But he must not show this because it would be damaged his image as a cool boy, which he pretends to be.
Sandy feels betrayed an injured.
Frenchy has compassion with her and she loads Sandy to a Pyjama party. But also this cannot comfort Sandy. Rizzo isn’t especially friendly to her, she copies Sandy and insults her.
Rizzo leaves the party with her Lover Kenickie while Sandy retires to be alone with her thoughts.
A motor racing against the Scorpions is planned.
The Thunderbirds name Kenickie as driver against the Scorpions. They meet in the Frosty Palace to delevope their battle plan which shall help them to victory...

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