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Go ask Alice

Go ask Alice
1. About the book itself
Go ask Alice is based on the diary of a 15 year old girl with a normal loving middle-class familiy. Nevertheless she gets into the drugscene and has huge struggles to escape again. Three weeks after she decided not to begin a new diary because she is strong enough now to handle her problems like adults do, by discussing them instead of just sharing them with another part of herself ( the diary ), she dies.
Names, dates and places have been changed as well as some events. In fact the book includes 2 diaries. The first one deals with her normal life as a teenager with all her problems espacially with her weight, then how she gets into the drugscene until she ends in the street. When she decides to come back home and start a new life without drugs she also begins it with a new diary. This second part shows how difficult it is for a former drug-user to get rid of her bad reputation.
2. The plot
The diary of Alice starts 4 days before her 15th birthday. She is the daughter of a professor and her social surrounding is dominated by the middle-class-society. Her mother cares for Alice, her younger brother Tim and her little sister Alex. Because of her father′s job they have to move to another place where the whole familiy has no problems to make new friends apart from Alice. She feels like an outsider in the new school and becomes fat again out of frustration. But then she finds a new friend ( Beth ) who is also an outsider like Alice. They have a great time together although Beth is a jewish girl which interests Alice very much. But when the summerholidays start Alice has to spend them with her grandparents although she doesn′t want to. Against all requests both parents, those of Beth and Alice, stay strict and so she has to go and Beth has to spend the holidays in a summercamp. Alice expects terribly boring holidays but everything turns out to be different: she meets Bill and Jill, who invite her to a party. At that p...

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