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Globe Theater


Shakespeare´s plays are immortal and due to this facts we are still interested in Shakespeare´s theatre, the Globe Theatre. In our report, we first want to mention different aspects of the history of the Globe Theatre. After that we will explain the special construction of the different kinds of theatres in Shakespeare´s time, their advantages and their disadvantages. As a third point we will comment on the audience and the actors in Shakespearean time.

The History of the Globe Theatre

Before Shakespeare´s wrote his plays there existed already many different public theatres, especially theatres in London. London was a big city with many inhabitants and, as there were only few kinds of entertainment, these Londoners were very interested in going to the theatre. We know that on some days the number of visitors even was two to three thousand for one performance. So, the theatres had to have a large capacity for the audience.
In the beginning of the 16th century there were five main theatres in London, the most well-known ones were the “Swan theatre”, “The Fortune” and the “Rose”. Additionally there were also private theatres.

The origin of the Elizabethan theatres was a kind of public playhouse built in 1567 by James Burbage. We don´t exactly know how it looked like because there are no written descriptions of his theatre.
However we do know some details of the interior of the Swan Theatre, because a Dutch visitor, Johann de Wilt, described it and made a sketch of it.

A better drawing, however, is given to us by C. W. Hodge´s reconstruction of the Globe Theatre, which became the most important theatre for the staging of Shakespeare´s plays. At a later part of my paper I will explain the construction of this theatre more detailedly .
Up to the year 1613 there were regular performances given in this theatre. (Shakespeare wrote his tragedy “Macbeth” in the third period, between 1599 and 1608.) In the year 1613, ho...

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