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Geschichte bilingual - WWII

In England, the holocaust takes an important place, although events that directly affect Britain may take more importance, such as the Blitz (the bombing of England in 1940) and the battle of England, D-day (the invasion of the Normandy in 1944).
Britain of course looks back at the war as a victorious and heroic war. The hero of the war there is undoubtedly Sir Winston Churchill who is seen as the one who rallied the British people around him (his famous quote “I can give you nothing but blood, sweat, toil, and tears), who made a propaganda success out of Dunkirque (“In thousand years it will be remembered as the finest hour”), and whose resilience (“we will fight them at the beaches, ….”) ultimately resulted in Britain winning the war.

Back to the holocaust:

On the background, they explain:
Hitler believed in social Darwinism, which is a belief in the survival of the fittest, where the weak are left to die. He applied this to race and national politics.

Also the question is raised:
Why did Hitler hate the Jews: there are a number of possibilities given for Hitler hating Jews: a Jewish professor at art college rejected Hitler and this sparked hatred in him because he was a keen artist. Another possibility is that the Jews were important within the communist party of the Soviet Union which was a political reason to turn the Jews into scapegoats.
Also many Germans blamed the Jews for stabbing Germany in the back after the First World War.

The curriculum also looks at the:
Political gains from anti-Semitism

The Jews were accused of exploiting ordinary German workers and for being Communists. Both the communists and war profiteers were disliked by the German populace, blaming the Jews and promising to rid Germany of the problem could gain political support from the oppressed masses. Anti-Semitism was a populist measure – appealing to a broad range of the population.

The curriculum then explains the:
Anti Semitic policies from ...

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