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Subject of a sentence Driving in a car is very interesting
Object after certain verb Most people enjoy driving
After certain verb+ preposition most people look strange by seeing young people in a car
After certain adjective+ preposition Some of them are good at driving in a busy city
After noun+ preposition In the early days for the most had difficulty at driving in a busy city
As adverbial after prepositions After driving a long time people became fun at driving a car instead of going by bus


Whitout to after:
Modal auxiliaries (helfend) We can see people running to the bus
Make and let Mom wouldn’t let me get her car.
She made me go by bike.
Verbs of perception (wahrnehmung) Pete saw a man get out of his car and lock it.

Whit to after:
Adjectives I’m not ready to start now.
Certain verbs He wants to find a job.
Question verbs Can you tell me where to park my car?
The first/ last/ only I’m the first to park my car here
Adjectives+ for It was too expensive for the most people to buy.


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